Many people believe that many athletes who earn a lot of cash from their talent become bankrupt and broke a few years after retiring or end of the career. This isn’t far from the truth because an article written on Sports in 2009 indicated that 78% of NFL players became bankrupt or broke 48 months after retiring. Moreover, these are people who have been pocketing almost two million dollars a year.

However, some athletes have decided to stand out by investing the cash in business and real estate. Most sports stars check property listing platforms like to find the homes they crave. This article focuses on such. They also focus on The Property Buying Company and the prominent platforms to invest in for future. So, who are these athletes whose life after sports is blossoming?

  1. Joe Montana

Joe Montana has investments in real estate, and he is known for being the four-time super bowl winner. With no doubt, he is the best quarterback, and his details confirm that. He has played with the San Francisco 49ers and won four super bowl medals.

Today Montana is the CEO of his company, the Montana Property Group. The company has built vast properties, especially in San Francisco, the largest of which is the Santa Clara Centennial Gateway, which cost 400 million US dollars and is built on nine acres of land. It features an entertainment complex, offices and a luxury hotel.

  1. Paul Malignaggi

Paul Malignaggi, a boxer, who is famous for winning two world championships, has invested in the auto business, clothing and real estate. Most of his real estate investments are located in Miami and New York. He is the founder of Future Legend, which deals with cloths and has a car body business in Brooklyn.

Paul Malignaggi says that he has earned a good living from his boxing career probably better than any other life he could have made, but that didn’t make him stop there. He says he has had to create additional income sources. Intelligent people use the money to create money and don’t misuse it, he says. He is now retired, but he has made a fortune.

  1. Emmitt Smith

This is another football star who has invested in construction, lending and real estate development. Emmitt Smith is famous for being the leading rusher of the NFL. It is possible to think he is just an average superstar if you sit down for an interview with him.

In 2016, he purchased 4 Walgreens at approximately 7.5%-8 % cap rate. He sold these Walgreens at a 6.8% cap rate before the market changed. This was his first deal. Indeed, this isn’t a huge spread, but he learned how the system worked and earned some money. Since then, he has created wealth by selling more than a thousand homes in a single market. This isn’t bad for a guy in an area many of his buddies fail soon after they start. He says the sky is not even a limit to and he cannot limit himself.

  1. Martin Braithwaite

A soccer guy who is famous for donating money for each goal he scored. Martin Braithwaite has invested in venture capital and real estate. He was the first Danish leader of a team in the French League 1 which made him very famous in Europe.

He is naturally a negotiator, and he won a deal with the team’s owner making him the first to get the richest contract in the history of Toulouse Football Club.

Martin recently spent $2 million buying an old castle which he turned to a residential and commercial property. He has entered the space of the United States real estate and his latest development is a sixteen-unit multipurpose property in Philadelphia.

He has an obsessive personality which makes him succeed in business. He says his goal is to win in whatever he puts his mind on and that he desires to be defined by his business career instead of sports. According to him, a career in sports is short term and faced with many uncertainties, but a legacy, real estate and business will go for generations even when he is not there.

  1. Will Shields

Will Shields is a footballer who owns a fitness franchise and is famous for appearing the most times in NFL all-star history. His run with Kansas City Chiefs from 1993-2006 won the NFL continuous winning records including twelve consecutive pro bowls.

After retiring in 2006, Will Shields set up a training and fitness Center in Kansas City. He purchased it one year after his retirement and changed its name to the number of his Jersey. Moreover, unlike his friends in the Sports industry, he has managed his money something rare today.

  1. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is a basketball player who is famous for being a champion for the NBA five times. He recently announced a $ 100 million investment in data, tech and media. He desires to be remembered by his business accomplishments and not sports.


Even though most sportspeople become bankrupt and broke soon after the end of their careers, some have chosen to live a different life. The list is long, but this article only discussed a few.