When you arrive in Australia it is completely normal to doubt each of the purchases you have to make. You have just arrived in a new country and every decision that implies a new expense is an ordeal. “Should I or should I not buy it?”, “Is it really worth it?”, “Am I going to use it?”, etc. These and other questions invade your head. Don’t worry. This article has come to be that little voice in your conscience that helps you decide. So you can enjoy your experience while studying in Australia to the fullest!

  1. BIKE

Whether you live in a city or a town, a bicycle is always the best option. Not only because we support transport that respects the environment and all that… The bicycle will give you the freedom you need! In big study cities like Melbourne or Sydney, it will allow you to forget about buses. In smaller places like the Gold Coast or Byron Bay, the bike will be your best friend for any excursion you can think of.

Also, you can find bikes at any price. On sites like Gumtree, you’ll find second-hand models that are sure to fit any budget. No matter how limited it is. And then you can always sell it for almost the same price. If you take good care of it and you are a good seller, even for more!

  1. CAR

We know. I’m sure you’re thinking… “They think I’m a millionaire!” But wait until you hear our arguments.

Don’t fool yourself… surely before you came you imagined yourself doing one of these road trips through Australia. Feeling the wind in the face. Discovering incredible places. And all aboard your own car or van. Well here comes the good news… Making it happen is easier than you think!

In Australia the buying and selling of vehicles is quite frequent. Therefore, it will not take you long to find – again on pages like Gumtree – cars and vans at affordable prices. You just have to keep a few things in mind when choosing.

In any case, we know that even so, it is an expense that can scare. But if you have the possibility to buy it, buy it! We assure you that your experience in Australia will be even more incredible on four wheels.


If you already know how to surf, surely you already know that you will invest your money in this acquisition. And if you still don’t know, here we are to convince you to do so.

Okay, maybe we shouldn’t be in such a hurry. To get started, sign up for a class or two to see if you really like it. Check our calendar of events in case there is a surf class soon and sign up for free! We assure you that two classes will be enough to end up falling in love with this sport. That is why we believe that a surfboard is an essential purchase to enjoy the experience in Australia.

When you get to the beach, it’s normal to see the male and female surfers in incredible waves and think: “I’ll never get to do that”. Stop thinking about it. Just buy a board and go surfing every day you can. Every morning. Every afternoon. Each night? No better not. But you will see how, based on practice, one day you will surprise yourself riding the best wave on the beach.


Okay, we love peanut butter. We have to acknowledge it. But it is not only for this reason that we believe that it is a MUST in the cupboard of any kitchen in Australia. We have many more reasons.

At first you will doubt whether to try it or not. If you will like it or it will be too much for you. Step one: try it, you’ll love it! And once you’ve fallen in love with her, always have a boat handy. You can eat it with yogurt, fruit, always as an unbeatable addition. You can even make ice cream! Look how it looks:

We also do not recommend spending time enjoying this whim. As a dried fruit, peanuts have very good properties, but they are not the axis of a healthy diet and you have to combine them with fruits and vegetables, you know…

What we do assure you is that it will get you out of trouble in those moments when you need extra energy. Get up in the morning, spread a nice slice of bread with peanut butter and jelly and… Let’s go surfing!


Let’s be honest. We all love to get out and explore the wilderness (which is why we’re in Australia). We all love each of the animals and plants that surround us. But each and every one of us hates bloody mosquitoes or mozzies with all our heart.

Any excursion in this country can end up with your legs, arms and others covered in annoying bites. And it is that the mosquitoes of Australia do not mess with nonsense. Therefore, if you are in Australia and you intend to go hiking, put a mosquito repellent in your backpack! You can find it in any supermarket. And even if you think that your blood will not be entirely appetizing to them… Much better to enjoy a sunset alone with the company that you have chosen.


That your friends suggest you go visit a natural park? Go. Has someone told you about a mountain with incredible views? Get going. That your Aussie roommate has a party in the apartment? The best opportunity to practice your English! Although none of us in Australia usually have money to spare, try to sign up for as much as possible. There are experiences to which you cannot put a price.

When you are living your experience in Australia, you have to be willing to live to the fullest. Changing the “why would I do this?” for the “and why not?” It is likely that in the end you will stay in this country for the rest of your life – we are based on similar cases. Even so, it may also be that your experience in Australia has a deadline. So… Carpe Diem! Always try to accumulate as many memories as you can. Meet all the people you can meet. Discover all the places you can discover. Travel, make all the friends you can, work whatever.

All of these will be stories that one day you will tell with an inevitable smile from ear to ear.