With technological advancement, internet users have been on the rise, different websites and sites have also been created, and they are numerous. With friendly themes and a little asking for your information, you fall into that trap and land in the hands of scammers. Remember, all that glitters is not gold; clicking on these websites without ensuring their validity can lead to you visiting unsecured tips. Check out some tips to ensure that a website is safe.

1. Make use of security tools

Computers usually have an antivirus system that ensures that anything that runs on that computer is safe and virus free. Other software usually blocks notifications whenever they establish that a site is not secure. Tools like eat-and-run verification (먹튀검증) help players navigate the sites to ensure that they are playing on suitable sites and that they do not lose their money to scammers. Others allow you to evaluate a site before proceeding with it.

2. Research the owner of the website

Knowing the website’s owner can help determine whether the site can be trusted. These websites usually offer personal information and details on who created them whenever you search. Legit website owners generally provide details, but creepy ones do not have any information. Always watch out for these.

3. Check the URL

Provided that a website has HTTPS, most people ignore to look at what follows. Many scammers and bad people have taken advantage of this ignorance and created websites that are not legit. These websites are used for criminal activities, and others are used to steal from you. Always ensure to look out for wrong spelling or punctuation; these errors disqualify a website from being safe. 

4. Not all security seals are legit

Computer software is programmed in a way that they can validate a site provided that they have a security seal. Like any other stamp, these seals are easy to duplicate, and many criminals benefit from this through automatic validation. When you click on the seal in an authentic one, it always redirects you to the initial website where you can get adequate information. Fake stamps being a copy, do not redirect you to any website. Therefore, they lack information to validate it.

5. Check on the SSL certificate

This will tell you whether a website is secure or not; whenever you search in your browser, HTTP always appears. HTTPS usually signifies a secured site with a certificate. An unsecured site can lead to duplication or loss of data to scammers, and they may commit severe criminal offenses. Whenever you search in a browser and see a padlock sign, click on that padlock to get information about the site.

6. Watch out for spam messages

Statements full of promises and rewards are always spam. Be careful to avoid always opening sites since they may facilitate your data ending up in the wrong hands or even launch a series of virus attacks on your device. 

The emergence of tools such as eat-and-run verification (먹튀검증) has strived to ensure that the internet becomes a safe space to perform your activities. This alone is not enough; combining these tips above and being resilient will ensure that scammers are dealt with.