Ice Hockey has been an Olympic sport since 1924. It is also well-promoted in popular culture. Significant volumes of books, TV serials and Hollywood movies are dedicated to the ice hockey theme. What is more, millions of people worldwide like watching it live. In some countries, for example, Australia, people even make winning bets on upcoming hockey matches. 

If you also plan to visit an ice hockey betting site, you might be curious to find out the top countries where bets on ice hockey are prevalent. We prepare the list. Check it until the end to be sure that your nation is also mentioned on it.


According to Britannica, ice hockey is immensely popular in such an icy cold county as Canada. Moreover, ice hockey is an essential element of Canadian national identity. More than half a million Canadians are active ice hockey players, including children and women. However, only the most talented teens get a lucky ticket to play for the top national teams and represent the country internationally.

In turn, ordinary middle-class Canadians watch matches in front of their TV. Many standard fans are also involved in ice hockey online betting. They set up a bet before the game and carefully observe the match. There are a lot of chances to be involved in betting on NHL games online. And the most educated Canadians know how to make a profit from it.


Although Aussies do not have a proper ‘winter sports mentality’, they like to bet on some winter sports, including ice hockey.

You might be wondering about the Australian Ice Hockey League’s existence. Of course, it has yet to have any promising achievements. Thus, ice hockey enthusiasts in Australia prefer to make bets on foreign clubs not to be entirely disappointed with the game of national teams.

The overall concept of the game is intriguing and unpredictable. For these reasons, Aussies like to make bets, particularly on ice hockey. Many online tutorials explain where to start betting to get some adrenalin and earn additional funds.


Ice hockey is among TOP 5 the most popular sports disciplines in the US. The increasing popularity of the sport owes to Canadians. They were pioneers of modern hockey as we know it today. This fact significantly influenced the game’s development in neighbouring countries.

The ice hockey market in the US is vast. It includes 7 Canadian and 24 American-based teams. Thus, Americans can profit by participating in hockey betting for the National League. So it might be challenging to choose a favourite. Fingers crossed! This is a reasonable prediction you can make after considering helpful tips at Bambet. 


In contrast to other winter sports, ice hockey is particularly popular in Sweden. It might be challenging to believe, but the Sweden national team has obtained the title of the World Championships 11 times. So, ordinary fans love to make various bets for the national team when it participates in the main tournaments.

An annual turnover from gambling might positively surprise you. Due to one of the highest income levels, sports betting is thriving in Sweden. Many respectable sportsbooks compete to increase their presence in this market. Interestingly, other Scandinavian countries, Finland and Norway, also love to bet on winter sports.

Czech Republic

While Italy is the EU leading country with the highest gross gaming revenue, the Czech Republic is particularly famous for its love to bet on national ice hockey Extra Liga. According to the Czech Gambling Act, odds batting is a gambling activity. To operate a gambling business, all operators must fulfil a long list of criteria. But the game is worth the candle. Similar to North America, Czechs consider ice hockey a national sport. Youth is actively involved in local hockey clubs and associations. There are a lot of matches among the local teams in the winter months. Thus, many people make online bets to support their favourite teams.


Some years ago, Business Insider reported that 60 million Nigerians were actively placing bets on sports. It is an objective reason why one-third of the country’s population makes betting odds. Online Bookies, including Bambet, offer some of the best odds on sports in the market.

Although it is difficult to remember even one famous Nigerian ice hockey player, betting on hockey is flourishing. Nigerians are making thousands of odds every day. Without a doubt, it is a tasty morsel for many internet sportsbooks.