Whatever your body fitness goals are, we all crave for that curvy or six packs beach body that draws in more compliments than we can handle. However, to reach that body goal is easier said than done. You have a lot of work ahead of you.

In this article we will go through 6 powerful ways to get the perfect beach body in no time. Try to stream all the workouts with beach body on demand. Let’s get right in.

  1. Setting Goals

Don’t miss this step. Ever!!

Your first step to the perfect beach body must start by first setting realistic goals and targets.

Setting goals will keep you on track and make sure you have a predefined plan for Success.  You will have to identify problem areas within your body that needs the most attention.  Are you overweight or are you underweight.  Knowing the key elements to incorporate into your workout routine can be a game changer to the perfect beach body.

  • If you are overweight and need to lose weight you have to understand that you cannot escape changing your diet to healthier options.
  • For muscles you need to tone them up by focusing on exercises that concentrate on specific areas of your body for refinement.
  1. Shedding pounds by engaging in cardio exercises

To shed pounds quickly you need to engage in more intensive cardio exercises. Start working, running, biking, and jogging more frequently than you used to do. Cardio exercises can speed up metabolism improve cardiovascular health and increase the rate at which you burn fat

  • For starters engage in 30minutes to 1 hour of cardiovascular exercises at least three times a week.
  • For those who visit the gym on a regular basis, try to use the elliptical trainers, stationary bike or other gym equipment that improve cardio function.
  • If you have the time you can add more fun to it by joining a dance class,  or better still go for cardio kickboxing or do some yoga.
  1. Time to tighten up those muscles

This is where things can really get difficult. Overall body toning is not an easy task it normally involves strength training and endurance. To make the most of the overall muscle toning try these tips:

  • Yoga: Yoga is a great cardiovascular exercise that helps tone the entire body system strengthening areas of those who want long and lean muscle.
  • Target core areas:  exercises like belly crunches,  leg lift, and plank all focus on core areas of the body.  If you are motivated enough to stay consistent with these exercises you will soon see noticeable results in no distance time.
  • Target your legs: Legs are a very visible feature of any human being, so making sure that they look great should be a top priority. Exercises like squats, burpees, lunges with a dumbbell, folding exercise bikes, and elliptical trainers are good for leg training. 
  • Target your arms:  Arm training is essential if you must get into that perfect beach body. Do some push-ups, chest or shoulder press ups and lift some free weights.
  1. Start eating smart

I cannot overemphasize how important this step is.  There is no point making all those efforts to get in shape only to destroy them because you couldn’t tame your hunger cravings. Do away with junk food and get some advice from a professional body trainer on the specific healthy diet to eat. There are diets to build lean muscles and stay in shape and there are also diets to help lose fat. Don’t get both twisted. Follow these general tips:

  • Reduce your calorie intake by switching to a low-carb diet as opposed to a high carb diet.  Employ the use of a calorie intake calculator to keep track of your meals.
  • Eat plenty of lean protein: Chicken, fish,   turkey breast and all other rich protein sources can quickly get you to your muscle goal target.
  • Reduce the intake of high carbs like bread and pasta
  • Eat more healthy fruits and vegetables
  1. Stay motivated

The best advice I can give to you at this stage is to find those on the same mission with you.  What you need is a partner who also craves the perfect beach body.  That way you can both draw inspiration from your successes, weakness, and even failures.

Optionally, you can join a weight-loss group.  Within these groups you will find lots of communities accommodating people of like minds.

  1. Keep track of your progress

To keep track of your progress ensure you weigh in at least twice a week.  Don’t attempt to weigh yourself every day because you might get discouraged with the results. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat and if you are undergoing regular exercises you are gaining muscles and not fat. Therefore the measurement you take with a tape that shows how refined your body is is more important than the numbers on the scale.