Have you ever bothered to check the default games on your Windows PC? Trust us, you won’t miss Solitaire from this list which a popular card game that has been in existence for as long as we can remember. Thus, this post highlights the 7 best game hack tips you probably didn’t know but definitely should. Are you ready to see what they are? Let’s commence then!

1.Don’t prioritize building the ace cards

It might seem appealing but stacking the playing cards to the foundationswith the aces at the bottommight give you problems later when you need some of those cards to complete the existing piles in the tableau below. 

  1. Focus on the large stacks first

It’s highly recommended that players should consider selecting columns with multiple cards firstif they want to expose them. Clearing these columns earlier in the game allows you to successfully build piles later using thosehidden cards. 

  1. Only empty a spot if you have a king

Perhaps, this is one of the most common mistakes that newbies make when playingSolitaire online. As much as it may be appealing, it’s never a good idea to empty the tableau spots just for the sake of doing it as this will only hinder your chances of winning such a game. 


  1. Pay keen attention to color

Free Solitaire is an exciting game that involves arranging cards in a specific order while also paying attention to alternating colors. Selecting a black or red king to fill an existing spot is a big callas it will determine the order for the entire pile. So, ensure that you take note of the jack and queen cards to easily track your progress going forward.

  1. Alwaysplay the two or ace cards

This is the secret to winning Solitaire card games like Solitär Spielen Kostenlos. If you draw a two or ace card, just play it withoutrevealing more cards from the stack. This can be attributed to the fact that aces are always arranged in the foundationsfirst before the twos follow. 

  1. Don’t transfer cards just for the sake of doing It

The rule ofthumb says that you don’t have to move cards for no apparent reason. We know that it’s always appealingto switch cards from one pile to another in an attempt to build the column but the resultscan be frustrating, URL Link especially if you lack a clear strategy. Locking cards of different colors behind the lower ones is a ticket to catastropheso you should instead focus on moving cards only when it’sappropriate to do so. 

  1. Select the first card in the tableau columnsbefore anything else

As simple as it may sound, many players ignore the importance of starting a classic Solitaire game by opening the first card in the tableaucolumns. Doing so will give you plenty of options for building new piles for the foundations. Remember that the higher the optionswill be, the higher your chances of winning will be, too. 

Places to play solitaire

Now that you have the hacks and tricks to win a solitaire game, here are some websites and apps we recommend to play solitaire.


Solitaire is an interesting card game that every individual should try at least once in his/her lifetime. And if you’ve been wondering what’s so special about this game in 2020, you probably have the response now. So, how about killing the daytime boredom by playing Solitaire exciting game that also harnesses creativity? It would definitely be amazing!