Throughout life, many of us like to broaden our horizons by trying new things we have not done before. Some of the more common of which include buying a motorbike, joining a book club, or, as the primary focus of this article, taking up golf. 

Golf is a fairly approachable game and an ideal hobby to take up. Often played in groups, it has a social aspect to it. Its players spend large amounts of time outdoors in the fresh air. It’s not as physically demanding as many other sports. And aspects like the award ceremonies have been linked to positive life outcomes in younger participants. (1)

All this aside, no one is born a golf champion from day one. It took Tiger Woods decades to reach the kinds of milestones he accomplished, and it will probably take you a good amount of practice to get your swing right. In this article, we offer helpful tips for newcomers to the game.

1. Golf carts are encouraged by most professionals

Golf courses tend to be expansive. All that walking can end up chewing through most of your time on the course, leaving only occasional opportunities to get some action in the game. For this reason, it’s not a bad idea to learn all about golf carts. This will make the game less tedious and prolong your enjoyment of the course. 

2. Get out of the ranges

Going to a driving range is a great activity. It’s a place to practice your swing, drive balls as far as you can, and also relieve a bit of stress. However, don’t forget that the intention behind visiting a gold range is to get ready for the real thing. So, refrain from getting too comfortable, and get out onto the green!

3. Lessons

When it comes to a sport like a golf, one where the aim is standing as still as possible while hitting a ball with your club, a lot of people (incorrectly) think that it is a rather straightforward affair. Those people are often proven wrong in painfully public ways. 

Investing in some lessons is recommended if you are just getting started with the game. Swinging your golf club is more complex than the untrained eye might think. Lessons are a better investment than unnecessarily advanced golfing gear, and they can take you one step closer to beating your rival

Golf course

4. Work your way up from chip shots

The urge to smash a ball as far and wide as possible is one that lingers within us all, the embers of which are never fully extinguished. The most dramatic part of a fire is typically the beginning, so it’s important to contain the blaze before it gets out of hand. 

Start off with chip shots to perfect your style. Don’t spend your time worrying about score, but focus on technique. Once you have mastered this, it’s time to ignite the flame of long-distance drives!

5. Get yourself a golfing routine

Like any new hobby, it can be hard to maintain enthusiasm when the initial excitement wears off. Golf is exceptional in this case due, in part, to the overly expensive start-up costs, so it would be a shame to invest in gear that only gets minimal use. 

Take a page out of the book of America’s former and current presidents. From Biden to Trump, to Obama, and to Eisenhower—they all had golfing routines, and many held favorite courses. Developing preferences and engaging critically with the sport will nurture a sense of energy for the game. (2)

6. Be patient

The sport of golf is infamously inconsistent with its results. What worked for you one day will leave you fuming with frustration the next. There are also external factors to consider that include wind speed and grass density. 

Some of the greatest movie depictions of golf have harnessed this frustration and turned them into unstable yet lovable characters. Remember, be patient and think clearly. This will leave you feeling relaxed when the time comes to just tap it in.  

7. Have fun

Remember why it was that you started to play gold in the first place. It probably wasn’t to become number one at your club, and neither was it to rampage around the course in anger at the sheer number of miscalculated shots. It was to have a good time and spend some time in the great outdoors. 

Think about this from the perspective of both yourself and others. Everybody makes bad shots from time to time. If it were you, would you appreciate laughter or sympathy? Similarly, if somebody is less than impressed with their own club work, which is more graceful: a fit of rage or a pledge to do better next time? 

Golf is a game of skill, etiquette, and patience. If you follow those principles, and the tips listed above, then your game, and overall enjoyment, will improve significantly as a result. 


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