It’s no doubt that top-performing NHL players, coaches, and general managers are well-known to fans worldwide. What about the NHL team owners who have contributed a lot to their teams? They are less recognizable, yet they finance the teams largely.

If you don’t have any idea about the person who owns your most favourite team, worry no more. This guide will explore the lives of the most famous NHL team owners. You’ll also learn about their lives outside hockey clubs, including their business ventures.

Most Famous NHL Team Owners

You may know the name of the person who owns your favourite NHL team but fail to understand how they live. Thankfully, this article will give you a better understanding of who they are and their ventures. Here are some of the most famous NHL team owners.

1. Eugene Melnyk of Ottawa Senators

Eugene Melnyk is the Ottawa Senators’ current owner after purchasing it in 2003, including the team’s arena, Corel Centre. This Canadian purchased Ottawa Senators at roughly $150 million. That was after the team filed for bankruptcy protection.

Melnyk has also ventured into many businesses across Canada. He founded Biovail Corporation, a specialty pharmaceutical company that operates widely in Canada. He served as the company’s chairman and CEO. Melnyk retired as the chairman in 2007.

Due to his large contribution to philanthropy, Eugene Melnyk has touched the hearts of many. He has participated in many philanthropic ventures, such as co-founding the Rogers’ House. He also donated $5 million to St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto.

You can find more information about Melnyk on his website  

2. Alex Meruelo of Arizona Coyotes

Alex Meruelo, a Cuban-American, is the current owner of the top-performing Arizona Coyotes. His purchase of the Coyotes just became official in June 2019, and it’s hard to tell how the team will perform under his leadership. The team is worth $285 million.

When it comes to business ventures, this billionaire started investing in real estate at a young age. Meruelo later sold his property to Walmart. He currently owns the Meruelo Group, which ventures in real estate and construction. 

Meruelo also owns Meruelo Media, which consists of a television station and five radio stations. He takes pride in his two casinos, Fuji Food and a resort. Meruelo Group also owns the Commercial Bank of California, co-founded by Alex Meruelo in 2003.

3. N. Murray Edwards of Calgary Flames

As the co-owner and director of Calgary Sports, Murray has contributed a lot to the NHL team. He co-owns Calgary Flames along with Allan Markin, Alvin Libin, and Jeffrey McCaig. Below are some of the teams that Calgary Sports and Entertainment owns:

  • American Hockey League’s (AHL’s) Stockton Heat
  • Western Hockey League’s (WHL’s) Calgary Hitmen
  • Canadian Football League’s (CFL’s) Calgary Stampede
  • National Lacrosse League’s (NLL’s) Calgary Roughnecks

Murray Edwards is also a businessman. His stakes in the Canadian oil and mining companies comprise his largest investments. Norman Murray is the current owner and chairman of Edco Financial Holdings Ltd., a merchant bank in Alberta, Canada.

Murray is also the leading investor, chairman, and managing director of Ensign Energy Services Inc. and Canadian Natural Resources Limited, the two biggest oil companies in Canada. He also chairs Magellan Aerospace’s board. The company repairs and manufactures aerospace compartments and systems. 

4. Rockwell Wirtz of Chicago Blackhawks

Commonly known as “Rocky” Wirtz, Rockwell Wirtz has contributed a lot to the Blackhawks’ success in the NHL. Notably, the Wirtz family has owned the NHL team since 1954. Rocky took over the ownership after his father’s demise in 2007. 

Chicago Blackhawks has performed very well under Rocky’s tenure. The team has won the Stanley Cup thrice, in 2010, 2013, and 2015. However, they missed the 2017-18 and 2018-19 playoffs after making it each season since 2007-08.

On the other side, Rocky Wirtz is the president of Wirtz Corporation, a holding company managing businesses of all kinds. That includes residential and commercial real estate companies, insurance companies, wine and spirits distributors, and banking.

5. Henry Samueli of Anaheim Ducks

Henri Samueli is one of the most successful NHL team owners in the United States. He bought the management contract for the Honda Center (formerly known as Arrowhead Pond) in 2003 to oversee all of its operations.

In 2005, Henry purchased Anaheim Ducks from Walt Disney Company at $75 million. Incredibly, the Ducks won the Stanley Cup two years later, becoming the first California team to win the cup. The team has only missed playoffs thrice during Henry’s tenure.

Henry Samueli is also renowned for his business success. He co-founded Broadcom Corporation, a semiconductor company that manufactures products for the broadband communication industry. Henry is the current chair of the company’s board.

Samueli’s philanthropic acts have also made him famous. He, together with his family, has donated more than $500 million to several causes. Among them is the $100 million to the University of California, Los Angeles, to expand its engineering school.

6. Jeremy Jacobs of Boston Bruins

Jeremy Jacobs, an American national, purchased Boston Bruins in 1975 for around $10 million. What surprises many is that he used his money to close the deal. With Jacob being the second most tenured NHL team owner, his team has won many games.

Boston Bruins has only missed the NHL playoffs six times under Jacobs’ tenure. The team won the Stanley Cup in 201 and is currently worth $1 billion. The good news is that Bruins’ owner, Jacobs, is the NHL Board of Governors’ elected chairman.

In 2017, Jeremy Jacobs got inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Builders category. He also received the Lester Patrick Trophy award in 2015 from the USA Hockey for his novel contributions to the United States Hockey.

7. Terry Pegula of Buffalo Sabres

Terry Pegula, the owner of Buffalo Sabres, is a multi-billionaire holding interests in real estate, professional sports, natural gas development, and entertainment. He purchased the team along with the NLL’s Buffalo Bandits in 2011 for roughly $189 million.

Later on, Terry Pegula also purchased Rochester Americans, Sabres’ AHL affiliate, and started investing in the teams. His dream is for the Buffalo Sabres to win the Stanley Cup. Pegula also purchased the NFL’s Buffalo Bills and the NWHL’s Buffalo Beauts.

Terry Pegula started his business career by founding East Resources, a company that drills natural gas. However, he has already sold off two sections of the company, getting $6.45 billion in sales. Pegula has also invested a lot in real estate.

Final Words

The people mentioned above are just some of the most famous NHL team owners. The other team owners who have made significant contributions in the NHL include Larry Tanenbaum of Toronto Maple Leafs, Francesco Aquilini of Vancouver Canucks, Jeffrey Vinik of Tampa Bay Lightning James L. Dolan of New York Rangers.