7-year-old Rylan Wood was watching the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night with his mom, when the Cowboys fell behind the Tennessee Titans early in the Monday Night Football matchup. 

He was upset, and  determined to do something if they couldn’t rally back and grab the win.

Wood, though, didn’t get to see the end of the game. He had school the next morning, and had to go to bed before it was over.

For his sake, it’s probably good that he didn’t see the end of the game. The Cowboys fell to the Titans 28-14 at AT&T Stadium, dropping their third game in five weeks and falling to 3-5 overall.

Wood wrote his letter to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that afternoon.

And he let him have it. 

He starts by letting Jones know that the Cowboys are letting his mom down, who is also a diehard fan. “You have made my mom very mad because WE SUCK,” the letter reads. It continues saying, “Every game day she is yelling at the TV and turns off the game.”

He then takes a shot at Head Coach Jason Garrett saying, “I hope Coach Garrett is clapping if this letter gets to you.” 

This kid is pretty awesome. Hopefully Jerry gets the message.