LeBron James didn’t take long to make his decision to go to Los Angeles, but the Philadelphia 76ers felt that James “strongly” considered them before choosing the Lakers.

Speaking about their meeting with James’ agent, Rich Paul, and Klutch Sports at the start of free agency, Sixers managing partner Josh Harris and coach and interim general manager Brett Brown reflected on the Sixers’ chances of teaming James with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

Although they were complimentary of how focused and smart James’ team is, the Sixers felt the sting of not landing the premier free agent in the game while seeing Paul George re-sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“I think they considered us very strongly,” Harris said of James’ group Monday at the Las Vegas Summer League. “I think he — I would be speculating on how he makes his decisions, and I don’t want to do that — but I think that they were really serious [about Philadelphia]. The fact that they took the meeting with us was something that they didn’t view lightly, so I think that they were very serious about it.”

If LeBron wanted to get back to the NBA Finals he would have chosen the Sixers. His move to Los Angeles signals he was no longer interested in chasing rings, opting to chase Billions instead. Bron on the Sixers would have been amazing to watch.