During planning and taking a vacation, most people rely on their smartphones. There are plenty of travel apps that are inspirational and used for booking or managing logistics. People can now get help from the hotel bookings to their last-minute flight if any changes are needed. Most of the apps act as guidebooks and other language dictionaries fitting in your hand.

Due to many of these apps in the Android and Apple marketplaces, it is a challenge to get the most useful apps. If you need to sort out such useless apps, it’s time-consuming and no one wants to pay for a worthless app. If you’re planning for a trip soon, you need not waste the whole week of your life downloading useless junk. Here are some most excellent apps you may like to use.

1. Meetup

The best way to enjoy your journey is to mingle and talk with the locals. The app will help you to locate who have interests like you and connect with them. If you love sports music or any other event, the app will help you make new friends worldwide.

 You can still make fun with your new friend and record the best moments with them. You can share with the rest of the world via YouTube and show others the Meetup app’s importance. It’s not costly to share such content via social accounts. You need to create an account then buy YouTube views for your content. Let everyone enjoy the fun of vacation and mingling with other people.

2. Hopper

It’s one of the best apps to locate low-cost flights. The app analyses airfares and hotel booking prices, confirming whether to book your flight or wait. It does not request your data after download. You only type your destination, and the app will analyze the data and show the cheapest date to fly. Hopper app will recommend you either go ahead and buy the ticket or hold until the prices are better. If you decide to wait, you will set the price you need, and the app will send a notification to your phone once the price drops.

3. AirHelp

Most travelers endure the pain of delayed flights or even others canceled. Some clients may overbook hence denied boarding the flight. If you have the AirHelp app in your hand, then it helps you be right up your alley. Some countries provide compensation for such cases though details may differ. The process of receiving such payment is challenging, and only a few passengers can get it.

The app makes your process simple if you’re still waiting at the airport. They need your information and a little data concerning your problem, and the company will take the rest of the case. If your claim is successful, the company takes 25% of the total compensation. You get a referral bonus once you invite anyone else on your flight to use the app.

4. Skyscanner

If you prefer the cheap method to locate affordable prices, then Skyscanner will help you. The app searchers through many flight data, as a result, gives you the option available and route you will use. You can set the app to provide you with an alert concerning your flight on which day or month the rates are lower. They are successful because they are using the idea of value based marketing as a basis of their entire business model. 

5. Hotel Tonight

Every traveler’s dream is to find the best hotel to spend your vacation after the flight. The hotels are available in order depending on your needs. The app saves features, photos, and reviews to look at before you can proceed with your booking. What’s unique with the platform is that you can save favorite hotels and get daily drop features, where you can find discounts that are valid only for 15 minutes after unlocking.

The app also has a nine-level reward program where you gain access to perks such as cheaper rates. Such a level doesn’t expire, and you can use it anytime you need. If you’re stuck in a place and need a last-minute room, then the app is fit for you to use.

6. Trail Wallet

It’s the best app to use and easy to update. Most trackers are expensive and complicated to manage. You can organize your vacation and set a daily budget, and quickly add expenses. When you receive a bill, you can easily add the amount using the Quick Add screen, and the update is complete.

7. Waze

If you’re in a hurry to catch your flight, you need not worry about the route you will take to arrive on time. The app will guide you to avoid congestions or roadblocks that will increase your arrival time. The app has a speedometer to help you make sure you’re staying within the speed limit of your plans. It also updates you on the arrival time based on live traffic data.

8. XE Currency

 If you like traveling abroad, you need the best currency converter app. XE Currency is a platform with the latest updates on the conversation rates of any currency you need. The app works if you’re online or offline, depending on what you like. You only update the app before the onset of your flight.

9. Duolingo

Before you can reach your destination in a new country, it’s wise to learn a new language. It doesn’t matter if you’re not fluent. You can understand some basic skills of signs and phrases that will make your time there much more rewarding.

When you have Duolingo, it will help you learn a new language in an entertaining game-like fashion. The app is easy to use, and you can choose the vocabulary you need to know. The app contains most of the languages covering Spanish, French, German, Russian, and many more.


The world is changing today in terms of places, and you need the best app to take your pain out of travel. The apps help travelers to reach their destination in a better, cheaper, and exciting way. Let’s hope you will download the above apps before you plan for your next trip.