It wasn’t that long ago (in modern times met) that people left the track races and football courts to occupy their time with online betting. As anything else – there is a profit to be made from anything that involves sports and betting.

We had some time to talk to Jeffery Hayes, who is the creator of the affiliate site Casinomartini and got to ask him a couple of question regarding this day of modern monetisation.


Q: How did you find yourself wanting to create a website such as

A: It all was very simple actually. I had done some online gambling in the past and I’ve always been a sports fan. Knowing a thing or two about how to properly build websites pushed me in the direction of starting my own. I saw other websites just like mine and i quickly understand that it already was a thing.


Q: Casinomartini lists online gambling websites, are these sites you like or are they pure advertisement?

A: Of course, i work close together with all of the casino operators that i list on the website, to make sure everything is compliant on both ends. As i have come to know the industry quite well, i know which casinos offer the best quality hence listing these casinos at a fair position on my different lists.


Q: When visiting Casinomartini, you have categories like free spins, casino bonuses, live casinos but also Sports Betting – Which direction do you think the market is heading?

A: While being a sports fan myself, i have always wanted to focus on the sport side of things. Casinomartini actually started with Unibet as a first casino partner – as that is where i usually find myself playing! I have seen a lot of success in terms of people looking for new online gambling websites – so that is where i have come to put my focus.


Q: Besides the UK, Casinomartini is presented in a number of different languages, seemingly targeting different countries. Are you a multilingual?

A: As the matter of fact, i am not. Haha! I have hired people to translate these parts of the website in order to attract different people from different countries.


Q: The online betting industry is known to generate a lot of money, how much are generating?
A: Haha, this is something i wont reveal, but i am doing all right!

Q: Final question: Is there any part of your website you wish to share with the readers?
A: Yeah i actually just updated the site a bit and added a seperate casino bonus list for the UK! (Link to the list:


Thank you Jeffery for answering these questions. If there are any questions you would like to ask Jeff, you can send him an email at and he said he would be happy to answer them!