Cruise Board is the most popular skateboard for short cruising. But is this your first cruise? And you are confused about what to choose as your first Cruise board? Don’t worry! This article can be a comprehensive guide for you.

The Cruise Board is lengthier than a typical skateboard but shorter than a longboard. These are medium-length, easy-to-control skateboards designed for street cruising. It can be an excellent choice for long-distance, happy riding. Their wheels are larger and broader than cruisers, which makes them more resilient for uneven land and long distances. Now for more information check out below.

What Kind of Skateboard Can I Choose?

Skateboarding comes in many different shapes and sizes, all of which can be a little puzzling. The following are the main types of skateboards for great cruising.

  • Cruiser Skateboards


Cruisers are perfect for anyone wishing for the first time. But the main benefit of cruiser boards is that they are easy to carry. Compared with the longboard, its shorter deck allows you to avoid difficulty. Many beginners require more stability. So, no use in discerning that beginners generally think that the longboard is more stable. Some useful qualities of these boards are:

  • Suitable As Vehicles 
  • Suitable For Putting in A Backpack.
  • Sharp Turns and Threads
  • Smooth Riding 

These are not apt for Fast Stability for beginners. Mobility for beginners and stunts and flips. These are frequently used for Skateboarding on streets. Skateboarding Cruiser Skateboard is best for flat streets outside of cities.

  • Longboard Skateboards


Longboards originate in various forms and sizes, but usually, longboards are 33″ or larger. You can buy double-tip longboards, pin-tail longboards, longboards, swallowtail, drop-by decks, drop decks, etc. There are some useful qualities of these boards such as:

  • Very Suitable as Vehicles and Cruising
  • Beginner’s Mobility
  • Beginner’s Stability
  • Fast Driving Speed Due to Wheel Size
  • Large And Sharp Turns
  • Smooth Driving on Rough Terrain

These are not apt for stunts and flip and load-carrying. You can use them for Downhill -Skateboard, Horizontal skateboard, and Flat downhill skateboard.

Three Types of Longboards


  • Pintail: The shape of the tail prevents the wheels from contacting the skateboard (“wheel bite”) while leaving enough Legroom. Deep curves also allow good navigation. 
  • Dual Tip: Nose and tail are almost even. Designed to prevent wheel jams. Suitable for thorough tires. They are mainly used for this type of longboard to provide grip and Traction. Very suitable for deep curves.

Cruiser Longboard: The cruiser has a rear end. Compared with standard wheels, the axles are higher, and the wheels are larger and smoother. The wheels are more elastic, allowing the rider to turn and move easily.

  • Mini Cruiser Skates


Mini Cruiser Skates are the same as the former, but smaller. They can be made of timber or plastic (a very popular style these days). An added advantage is that they are more comfortable to use. They are perfect for young learners who just want to learn about skateboarding and improve balance. They are also for more skilled riders who are seeking several skateboarding styles. These boards are:

  • Suitable As Vehicles 
  • Suitable For Putting in A Backpack.
  • Compact Curves and Threads
  • Smooth Riding
  • Skills And Flips   

They are also not suitable for many reasons such as Fast Stability for beginners, Mobility for beginners. Skateboards are used for downhills on flat roads Skateboarding Park skating and bowl skating.

Which Skateboard Is More Appropriate for Kids?

Mini Cruiser is the perfect kit for young beginners who want to learn to ride a board and improve their balance.

The 6-inch plastic platform is suitable for children under 5 years old with a shoe size of 3 or under. They are also ideal for adult and more skilled drivers looking for different driving styles.

Older kids may want to try a full-size two-foot skateboard, depending on their confidence. It will also be handy when you want to learn style, technical skating, and skills. 

Which Skateboard Is Perfect for Beginners?

When you buy your first skateboard, you should reflect on the types of rides you want and the budget you have. Many boards are suitable for learners. It is recommended to choose the board that best suits your needs. Of course, there are many boards with exquisite illustrations, but the main choice is the shape and size of the board.