Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons was at a recent Lynyrd Synyrd concert (we’re guessing the show on Saturday, August 11 in Toronto).  Yes they’re still touring, although the show is part of the first leg of their 2018 farewell tour.  

During the show Gibbons apparently had a little too much to drink and told some of his fellow concertgoers that he couldn’t believe he hadn’t been fired.  He added that there is no way he’ll still be with the team next season.

Via Dean Blundell:

He’s not wrong.  The Blue Jays are currently sitting at 58-69 and only the Orioles, who are going to lose 100 games this season, beneath them in the AL East.  It would be very hard to believe the Blue Jays would bring Gibbons back next season.  

The only real question is do they wait until the season is over before they fire him?