A teacher in Port Charlotte, Florida was forced to take down a Colin Kaepernick Black History Month poster that covered her door after the school was flooded with phone calls from parents. 

The poster covered the teacher’s door and showed Kaepernick on a football field kneeling.

Via NBC 2

The Charlotte County School District said it was forced to ask the teacher to take it down after parents flooded the front office with phone calls.

“We were in a lose-lose situation. It really didn’t matter what we did at that time,” said Mike Riley, Community Liaison for the District.

It appears to have been a little more than a lose-lose situation.  Forcing the teacher to take it down at the end of the month makes absolutely no sense.  

Ride it out a couple of more days and then the poster could have come down on its own.  There was really no need to turn it into something that ended up in the news 

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