According to information found on some pages of doubtful origin (which we will talk about later) and on the Bitcoin Circuit app’s own website , we are facing the “most advanced negotiation tool in the industry”.

Bitcoin Circuit is a trading software created with the most intelligent and fastest technology, so much so that it makes decisions in fractions of a second, so that all its members can obtain juicy profits from the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Circuit is an automated app that aims to make people earn money by buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the perfect time, offering a profit rate of up to 98%, thanks to the algorithm created by its developers, which uses data in time real linked to the stock market.

As for the Bitcoin Circuit interface, it is very easy to use and is “secured” with the latest technology. In addition, it uses artificial intelligence to identify only profitable transactions in such a fluctuating market.

The level of earnings that Bitcoin Circuit promises is really high, with an incredible range of between $ 900 and $ 2,200 a day and with almost no effort.

To start making a lot of money with Bitcoin-Circuit you just have to make a small initial investment of at least $ 250 or euros to start earning; Of course, the bigger that investment, the bigger the profit.

Exchange with or without software? We explain the difference

Those new to the cryptocurrency market who prefer to make their transactions independently without automatic software, soon discover that it is necessary to devote a lot of time to independently investigate and familiarize themselves with enough material to be able to make accurate predictions and the corresponding positive transactions. If you are not lucky, you have to wait a long time until the price of a currency rises significantly again. Even with self-research, there is always a residual risk, because sometimes a currency is subjected to such a price drop, which is almost impossible to compensate for.

The oscillations have different causes, which, among others, include the entry of more and more participants in the cryptocurrency market. This makes the market very complex and confusing, so it is completely impossible for a single person to trade effectively with all the currencies offered in the market. Although you can earn money with a good play, you can also lose it just as quickly, because the price of the purchased currency falls into the abyss.

How can you buy Bitcoin?

You can buy them online through an exchange or brokerage service platform which will allow you to buy Bitcoins with a bank transfer using a fiat currency, a credit card, and some services also offer purchase opportunities through Paypal. 

There are many online site that offers a recommended list of online trading platforms and brokers that sell bitcoins. You can also buy Bitcoins instantly using your credit card. Our goal is to provide the best quality services through online website so that anyone can easily obtain this cryptocurrency from a wide range of respected Bitcoins buy / sell platforms.

Can you sell Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be sold in several ways. The bitcoin currency can be sold online by using the exchange platform. These same order work also to the purchase process. You can advertise your Bitcoin to the exchange platforms. You can also do it namelessly by selling it in person or using a two way ATM. ATMs can be originate all over the earth and these machines are chiefly used for purchase. 2 way ATMs can authorize you to retail the bitcoin currency. On the other hand, most ATMs only permit you to buy Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin payments are easy to make with a wallet and address application. You can use a standard desktop computer or smartphone to make transactions with a private individual, a merchant or an exchange platform. The addresses can be used as a number, in a QR code and in contactless technology. Bitcoin transactions offer lower rates than any other known remittance provider and credit card service. No bank, no state, no third party can offer this low amount of commissions.