Basketball is among the most popular sports globally. The sport is both challenging and fun, especially since it demands fitness and shape. Basketball is often played on a four-sided shaped court, but you can also play it in your swimming pool. All you need to enjoy pool basketball is a quality hoop from Iron City Showdown. As a beginner, you need to learn the main rules and basics to become a professional player. Here is a guide to basketball for beginners.

  1. Gear. When it comes to getting yourself kitted, you need little to get started. Ensure you have a good pair of basketball shoes, comfortable shorts, and a jersey. This sport involves a lot of running and jumping. As such, the wrong shoes can lead to injuries. Look for shoes that will support your ankles and feel light when playing. Your playing position and the level of competition can also determine the type of shoes you choose.
  2. Warm-Up. Always warm-up before starting a basketball game. Basketball is an aerobic sport, and you need to stretch out your muscles, loosen your joints, and get into the right mental state to play. A twenty-minute warm-up before your practice or game can help you increase your ability to perform. Ensure you incorporate some drills during your warm-up sessions.
  3. Dribbling. Focus on improving your dribbling skills. Almost every basketball player can dribble with their dominant hand. As such, you need to learn how to dribble with your weak hand. Start by dribbling between each hand. Once you get comfortable with that, start dribbling with your weak hand while running. Practice for a while to improve your dribbling moves.
  4. Shooting. During your practice sessions, try shooting from different positions. Understand your basketball shooting range. Start by picking a comfortable shooting spot and practice on that spot for at least 15 minutes daily. You might miss your shots on the first days, but do not give up. With time you will improve your hand/eye coordination, and your shots will get accurate. Once you can hit about 70% of your shots on your comfortable spot, move to the other side of the court. Practice on different spots on the court to help your mind process various shooting angles.
  5. Passing. Basketball is a team sport. As such, you need to learn how to get the ball to your co-players. Practice some chest, overhead, and bounce passes. Always remember to keep the ball directly above your head when learning overhead passes. Bounce passes will require you to target the floor about three-quarters between you and your co-player.
  6. Have Fun. Basketball can be exhausting. Your chest may feel like exploding from all the running and jumping. Focusing on the same practice can also feel tedious at times. Daily exercises can get you in better shape to play basketball. Amid all this work, find ways to have fun to get you closer to experiencing a win.

Basketball requires a complete set of skills. This guide to basketball for beginners will get you up and running.