If you have been watching or even taking part in virtual gaming competitions, you already know that there are players who are making a killing out of it. The video game competitions are lucrative, but only for gamers with great skills. Viewership for the live streamed competitions continue to increase every other year, an indication of growing popularity for video games tournaments. 

The most popular eSports tournaments include video games like Dota, League of Legends, Overwatch, Counter-strike, Fortnite among others. Twitch is one of the video games streaming platforms where the majority of these tournaments air.

These are games that require players to exude great skills when looking to emerge winners in various tournaments. If you would like to be a professional player one day, start sharpening your skills at online gaming sites like nongamstopcasinosuk.com. There are players who have already proved that winning live streamed video games tournaments is doable. The following list has the names of the highest paid eSports players:

Johan Sundstein

Also known as BigDaddyN0tail, Johan has managed to win an overall amount of $6.9 million making him the highest grossing earner for the year 2019. He has been representing Team OG at the International Dota 2 tournaments where they have won two consecutive championships since 2018. 

Jesse Vainikka

Ranking at number 2 worldwide and number 1 in Finland, 28 year old Jesse has earned a total prize of $6.4 million from a total of 65 tournaments. He massively contributed to Team OG’s Dota 2 win at the International championships in 2018. He previously played for Team Liquid before joining Team OG. 

Anathan Pham

From a total of 24 tournaments, Anathan who comes from Australia (where he is the country’s top earner) has earned an overall amount of $6 million. He is a Dota 2 player and his biggest prize was $3.1 million from The International 2018 Dota 2 tournament. 

Sebastien Debs

Another Dota 2 magnificent player, Sebastien ranks 4th with a $5.5 million overall earnings mark. A member of Team OG where he has been a member since 2018, the French star has so far taken part in 56 tournaments. The 28 year aged player also goes by stage names FuckingMad, ceb, ce6, etc. 

Topias Taavitsainen

Topias comes from Finland and at age of 22, he has $5.4 million in total earnings from 25 tournaments. He joined the OG team in 2018 and has won every major tournament with them since, a clear indication that he is a major boost to the team, with the rest of its members. 

Kuro Takhasomi

Going by the name kuroKy, his prowess at video gaming has earned him a cool $5.1 million from 112 tournaments. With Germany (where he ranks 1st) being his country of origin, Kuro plays for Team Liquid and he was part of its big win at 2017’s Dota 2 The International. The 27’s year old career has improved tremendously over the years but the 2017 win was his biggest highlight. 

While it seems almost impossible to reach the heights of the above high-profile players as a beginner, just remember that they also started small and worked their way up. If you aspire to be a top player, start by winning tournaments at online casinos like nettikasinot and of course watch live tournaments from Twitch to learn how the bigwigs do it.