If you are like more hardcore sports fans then you probably spend half your year anticipating the next upcoming season. When that season finally arrives, you spend the rest of that year cheering on your team. Before you know it the playoffs are here and everything gets really crazy. There is no denying that the playoffs are a race to the championships for the best of the best. A lot of teams will be overlooked. A lot of teams won’t nearly make it where they should, and some teams might not even make it at all. Whatever the situation is, the championship should be a final showdown between the best of the best. It really should not get more exciting than this. However, as history shows, this is not always the case.

2005 NBA Finals: The Spurs VS The Pistons

Have you ever heard the say that defense wins games? Maybe something like defense wins fights? This might be true, but it is the offense that sells tickets. No one wants to go to a fight and see a fighter block his way to victory. No one wants to go to a basketball game either and watch one team defend their way to victory. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened in the 2005 NBA finals. The Spurs and the Pistons did have a few good games, but most of them were boring, including the last one. There were even some games where both teams were held below eighty points. This is not a high scoring basketball game and it certainly made for a boring one.

2006 World Series: The Cardinals VS The Tigers

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to play mobile slots online or you are looking to bet on the World Series, you have a variety of practical options available today. The only problem is that some of these games just don’t turn out the way that you think, which usually ends up with you going home with empty pockets. This was certainly the case for many that bet of the 2006 World Series. However, they didn’t just go home with empty pockets, they were yawning all the way there. This series was so boring that it literally set the all-time record for lowest ratings. Games 1, 3, and 4 set the all-time record for lowest TV ratings of a World Series.

Super Bowl XXXVII: The Buccaneers VS The Raiders

Everyone loves a good offense, there is no denying that, but it doesn’t help when that offense is a complete blowout. And, this is exactly what happened in Super Bowl 37. By the second quarter, it was that Buccaneers that were up by seventeen points. Unfortunately, the raiders would not score another touchdown until The Buccaneers nearly reeled over thirty-four straight points. There has to be something said about a team that can score 34 unanswered points. Fans are always more than willing to stand behind their team and cheer them along, but there does come a point when there is no comeback and it is obvious. When this point is reached the game simply becomes boring.