A water polo match in the Russian Super League turned into something of a boxing match after players of the two competing teams were into a huge mass brawl involving captains and even some reserve swimmers.

Tensions between Sintez from Kazan and Spartak Volgograd boiled over in the fourth quarter of their match on Sunday after the captain of the visiting side, Sergey Odintsov, hit Spartak player Vitaly Yurchik in the face with four minutes remaining in regular time.

The foul sparked a rumble, with both squads exchanging punches. 

Spartak substitute players also dived into the pool from the sides to join the action, which lasted for more than a minute, prompting the referee to halt the match.

Watch below: 

Referee Sergey Naumov decided not to resume the game, handing a 9-6 victory to Spartak, the score at the time of the brawl.  

Looks extremely difficult to fight in the water with no leverage, and everyone looking the same.  

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