A Hebron High School soccer player and the father of a Lewisville High School player were arrested after a fight broke out at the end of a game on Friday.

According to police, officers were called to the Hebron High School soccer field in the 4200 block of Plano Parkway around 9:30 p.m. about an incident that occurred at the end of a soccer game between Hebron and Lewisville High School.

Hebron student Diego Hernandez, 18, was charged with assaulting an 18-year-old Lewisville player. The Lewisville player’s father, Daniel Aguilar Pierce, 43, was charged with assaulting Hernandez, police said.   

The Hebron/Lewisville video sent to me appears to confirm eyewitness accounts that an adult (originally in stands) ran onto the field during the melee & appeared to take a swing at a player. The player’s teammates then came to his defense/retaliated against the adult. Ugly scene  

“Both district and police officials are investigating the situation to determine the appropriate course of action from here, including disciplinary and possible legal consequences for those involved,” the district said in its statement.  

“Throughout the game, a lot of players were frustrated by that and certain other things that were happening,” he said.

He said that the cause of the argument was unclear and that cameras didn’t capture its start because it happened away from the ball.

“What happened during the game is obviously inexcusable, but those things happen sometimes,” Baca said. “The big event was the parent jumping on the field and attacking students.”

The game ended in a 1-1 tie. No one wins when this sort of thing happens, literally.