You remember that little drug video that was circulating, you know the one that had Odell Beckham Jr. with a girl, and a side of cocaine. 

Well apparently when OBJ was on the trade block, some teams were trying to make sure he was worth it. 

ESPN did a lengthy profile of Odell Beckham that was just released, and it contains this blurb about the concern around the league.

The stakes are high. In the spring, when the Giants were listening to trade inquiries — the Rams and 49ers were the two teams reported to be interested, but there were others — one curious club hired a private investigator to track Beckham. The Paris video had introduced drug-use rumors that teams wanted to run down, even if recreational drug use falls below his surgically repaired ankle on most teams’ list of concerns. The PI’s report set off no alarms, but despite the Giants being “50-50” on their willingness to trade him, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation, no team would meet their asking price, which was believed to be a pair of first-rounders.

Now obviously the video is meaningless, it was swept under the rug, and OBJ got paid. Looks like getting caught with cocaine is no longer a deal breaker in sports.