The former New York Yankees slugger posted a picture of himself and girlfriend JLo ina late night snuggle session. 

A-Rod, 42, captioned the photo, ‘Late night. Set life. #ineedabed,’ but with JLo currently filming season two of her competition show World Of Dance and performing in Las Vegas, it’s unlikely he’ll be getting rest any time soon.

A-Rod is an extremely supportive boyfriend, and has been keeping his eye on J-Lo, even watching her every move at the gym. 

These two are always on the move, as A-Rod has several projects on the horizon, and J-Lo prepares for another season of her NBC reality competition series and her Las Vegas residency. Busy lady indeed.

As I always say, the couple that works out together, stays together. The gym can be a place to meet several new people. A-Rod wants to keep his eye on the ball. What a life these workaholics live with one another.