Former Yankees star Alex Rodriguez is said to be embroiled in a spousal support case with his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis, 10 years after their bitter divorce, reports TMZ.

The former baseball player, 43, who was wed to Cynthia from 2002-2008. has allegedly been paying his ex $115,000 a month tax free in combined spousal and child support since their divorce.

The pair share daughters Natasha, 13, and Ella, 10.

Via TMZ: 

We’re told the agreement was always meant to be adjusted when A-Rod retired from the Yankees. A-Rod claims his income has dropped by 90% … from $30 million a year, while he was on the Yankees, to around $3 million a year.

Our sources say Alex is especially vexed because he claims Cynthia is now a rich woman with millions in the bank, 3 homes and multiple cars. He grouses she has a master’s degree in psychology yet chooses not to work.

He also says she has a new child and a fiance, and he feels he’s now bankrolling all of them. A-Rod says the expenses for his 2 kids are somewhere between $7k – $12k a month, yet he’s willing to pay $20k a month plus expenses for the kids, including tuition.

We’re told Cynthia is negotiating, but wants nearly $50k a month so the ex-couple is at an impasse.

Cynthia knows the kids will soon be 18 years old, and the child support will end. This is just her lawyers trying to get their last big contract, so to speak. 

A-Rod will be fine either way, he has plenty of money, and we know J-Lo has more than enough too.