Alex Rodriguez was on “The Herd” on Monday throwing a ton of shade at Nationals star Bryce Harper.  He claims Harper’s reputation has taken a hit over not running out groundballs more than his current .214 average. 

“You know ironically, it’s been a very tough first half for Bryce Harper. Two reasons, number one, you mentioned the .214 batting average, but I can get over that because he’s a world-class athlete. But he’s taken enormous, enormous heat inside the game, with his reputation. And what I mean by that is, he is pissing off so many people with not running to first base and they keep showing these replays over and over. “

A-Rod then threw the Nats under the bus for encouraging him to play that way.

“And yes, he’s done it like that for eight years and is that the Washington Nationals fault just as much as his? Perhaps.”

Is he telling Harper to take PEDs?  Because that’s what it sounds like.  But that’s not good for your reputation either.