During the fight between Francisco Ragsdale and Samuel James, a fight in the stands forced an end to the evening at The Titans Cage 19.  

Sacramento’s leading all-amateur MMA promotion, The Titans Cage (TTC), planned an entertaining evening of twelve mixed martial arts matches, entitled TTC 19, for those who filled the Jackson Sports Academy, though only nine of them made it to the finish line.

Several bouts before Kody Vogels, the reigning TTC Lightweight Champion, attempted to defend his title against Julius Wright in the main event, a large portion of the audience following a lightweight bout between Francisco Ragsdale and Samuel James brought TTC 19 to a grinding halt, breaking out into an uncontrollable brawl.

“What happened last night at the Jackson Sports Academy was a promoter’s worst nightmare. I have been promoting and matchmaking fights since 2011, and I have never come across one single incident since then. The Titans Cage is a family event where people can come and enjoy themselves. It’s a shame that a brawl broke out in the crowd last night and ruined it for all the fighters, families, friends, and fans. I feel bad for the fighters that didn’t get to fight last night. The show was shut down due to the safety of everyone. It’s unfortunate for those who can’t control themselves, which is way beyond my control. Thank God no one got seriously hurt. All I could do is shake my head.” Correa concluded, “We’re not going to let this incident ruin it for us. Moving forward…”