Odell Beckham Jr. look to turn the Giants around from a 1-5 start as they face the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night. He will have plenty of fans rooting for him, especially one who went to the great lengths of driving 18 hours to see him. 

People gave me the craziest looks when I told them I was driving by myself 18 hours to meet this man but look at these smiles it was absolutely worth it! You tend to hear such stories about celebrities or you know famous people that have bad attitudes, or they’re really rude but this man was the complete opposite. He was such the carefree, silly, goofy, dancing spirit that I see every Sunday watching football. I have so many videos of you being you that I’ll share later but I had to post this one because it meant the most. ❤️He was Odell. Can’t even describe how great this moment was as a woman who loves football, plays it, and understands it. As a true New York Giants fan who will be there and remain loyal to my team no matter what! I look forward to the next camp and getting my one-on-one. It was amazing to have met you and I can’t wait to see you play on #MNF ! Lets beat the Falcons! Go Big Blue! ❤️ #GiantsPride @obj

The girl in the post attended his Pro Camp back a few weeks ago. You have to respect the hustle. She’ll also be there tonight rooting for her favorite player, as she made another long trip to watch her guy play in Atlanta. 

Check out more pics of the event below: 


Who knew OBJ was so likable?