Via the Killing Fields

Investigative journalist Dylan Howard conducted interviews for his latest book, Aaron Hernandez’s Killing Fields, with several eyewitnesses who claimed to have overheard the Patriots player growing paranoid about his health records becoming public.

The book includes a startling revelation from a male stripper named Chad, who was invited to Hernandez’s house to perform for a bevy of “beefy” men snorting cocaine and downing booze. Chad claimed Hernandez appeared agitated when he began discussing Lloyd’s knowledge of medications he was taking.

“I overhear them arguing and stuff. And they were talking about, ‘Oh, this guy, Odin, he [stole] my medication. I can’t be having that get out. I can’t even send anyone to go get my meds anymore. He knows. He knows,’” Chad claimed Hernandez said.

The stripper alleged he remained silent while Hernandez grew even more furious during a phone call.

Chad claimed he overheard Hernandez saying, “Yo, this is bad, man. There’s a mole. I’m f**ked. I can’t have this getting out there. Odin knows about the meds. We’ve got to take care of it! We’ve got to make sure that this dude is just silent, this s**t disappears.”

At one point, Chad claimed the former pro athlete said he’d rather go to jail “for f**king murder than have that s**t get out.”

Two years after his death and people are still fascinated with Aaron Hernandez. 

Something tells me he’s going to go down as one of the most infamous athletes of all time. . .

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