We’ve been on top of the Aaron Judge and Chelsa Scarcella relationship from the beginning.  Late last night we received confirmation that the Yankees star is dating her.

Since we never reveal our sources, we’ll simply say it’s a friend of a friend and they provided evidence of their relationship.  The tip came through our email and confirmed what we’ve been hearing all along.

Things between Judge and Chelsa heated up after the playoffs.  According to our source, Judge did give both Chelsa and his ex-girlfriend Jen Flaum tickets during the playoffs.  

When we posted that Chelsa had received tickets from Judge, Jen flipped on him.  He then ended things with her for good.  

After that, things between Judge and Chelsa have been getting serious.  Jen on the other hand has allegedly continued to try to get back in his life, despite having her number and Instagram account blocked.

It’s only a matter of time before Judge and Chelsa go public.