We posted a video on Monday that showed Aaron Judge, Tyler Wade, Clint Frazier and Giancarlo Stanton out at Lavo on Sunday night.  After the post went up, the tips started to come in.

According to several tipsters, Judge and his Yankees teammates had girls at their table all night.  There was no sign of Judge’s girlfriend, Samantha Bracksieck.

Don’t know if Aaron Judge still has a girlfriend but my friend knows a girl who was posting from Lavo all night last night and their table was right by his and him Tyler Wade and Clint Frazier had girls at their table the entire night. She said he was acting single the whole night.

The tipsters sent a video and screenshots that show Judge on the dance floor next to a young lady.

See the video below:

Maybe some of the off the field success will start to translate to some on the field success.

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