Yankees star Aaron Judge is becoming quite the ladies man.  And according to our source, he gave postseason tickets to several women, including his ex-girlfriend Jen Flaum.

Our source even provided a DM exchange with Flaum’s friend on the night of the American League Wild Card game.  She confirms they were given tickets to the game by Judge.

Jen acts like she’s not a famhoe but then why do ALL her friends make some sort of excuse to post every time they go to games. Her friend would have never replied to this if they didn’t want people know. They clearly weren’t focused on the game if they were checking their DMs that quick. They are sneaky but it’s blatantly obvious now. Also jen clearly is ok with being a last resort for whenever he’s in town. He had multiple girls there for him in different sections. One flew in from Tampa. He seems like quite the pig.

It looks like Judge is playing more than baseball.  We also believe that Chelsea, the 20-year-old he paid to get into the club, was at Game 4 of the ALCS.  But we haven’t been able to get a positive identification on her and don’t want to put a girl on blast, who may have nothing to do with the Yankees star.

Jen was also at Game 4 and we can assume she got those tickets from her famous ex.