We received multiple tips about Aaron Judge and his new lady friend.  We were told by multiple sources that her name is Chelsa Scarcella.  

Now we have more information from someone that knows her.  According to our latest source, she was gifted a Cartier Love Bracelet by the Yankees.

I have been getting the feeling that she was dating someone who has money because she started wearing a Cartier love bracelet, which is a $6,000 bracelet. She has money but not that much money. She was at 13 yankees games this season, all with really good seats in the same section every time. There’s no way she bought them all herself and if she did they would never be in the same section every time. When asked how she gets such good seats all the time she said she “has the hook up.” 

Tickets and bracelets.  She apparently does have “the hook up.”