Last weekend we received a tip from one of our loyal readers that Yankees rightfielder Aaron Judge might have a wandering eye on social media.  That was confirmed by another loyal reader who sent us a ton of information about Judge’s interesting social media habits.

Here’s the latest from our source:

March 5th he liked two past pictures of this Brittany girl that stayed with him last year that everyone thought he was dating. He doesn’t even follow her anymore after he unfollowed her in February not long after him and Samantha got back together. He went on her account and liked them anyway and one was even from a few months before. He then unliked them the next day I guess not to get caught.

The second picture was the day after so he had to go on her account again to like a picture from 2 months before.

March 27th he ignored all his friends who commented on his picture that day and just liked this girls comment who he also unfollowed on Instagram when him and Samantha got back together. He used to like her pictures all the time when he was single. The next day he also liked her tweet about the Yankees.

July 1st after Sam was just in London with him all weekend this young pretty girls comment was the only one he liked out of hundreds of comments even ignoring people he actually follows comments.

They were at his dinner together in January so they were together for all of these. That bikini picture comment that you posted was only a very small amount of what he has been doing. I follow plenty of guys with girlfriends and wives including other yankees and not one does these types of things.

Are Samantha’s days numbered?  Who really knows?  What we do know is we’ll definitely hear about it from our readers who love their Aaron Judge gossip.

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