According to our tipster, Aaron Judge was seen out at the club in Miami on Sunday night with a blonde Instagram model.  He was part of a group of Yankees that were being shown the Miami club scene by their teammate Giancarlo Stanton.

In the video we posted of Stanton out in Miami on Sunday night, Judge is seen talking to the blonde.  All of this despite the fact that his ex-girlfriend Jen Flaum followed the Yankees to Miami and was spotted at the game last night. 

He was out with another girl on Sunday night. You can see him talking to her in the bottom right hand corner of one of the videos on your site about Stanton being out in Miami. She is a blonde girl. He followed her on Instagram on Sunday night while he was hanging out with her. Her name is super.una she followed him back and liked 2 of his pictures right away but unfollowed him yesterday but he is still following her. Very obviously not exclusive with Jen since that follow was pretty blatant. 

That’s one way to rehab that wrist injury.  Here is a closer look at Una, who is apparently a friend of Stanton’s as he follows her too.