Yankees star Aaron Judge and his lady friend Chelsa Scarcella were spotted out late on Sunday night in New York at The High Line.  According to the tipster, Judge was rude to him and his girlfriend when they asked him for a picture.

My girlfriend and I were on the highline tonight and ran into Aaron Judge. Asked him for a picture but he said no, he seemed pissed we interrupted his night. He was with a girl so that’s probably why but he didn’t have to be so rude about it me and my girl are both big fans.

I wouldn’t usually email a gossip site but Im just pissed how rude he was. He’s supposed to be such a nice guy but that just ruined my opinion on him.

When we asked if he could identify the woman he was with and sent a picture of Chelsa for him to look at it, he confirmed it was her.

Yeah that’s her, she was nicer than him. She kept saying for him to just take the picture that she didn’t mind and he refused. It was very awkward.

Our Chelsa source confirmed she was in the area earlier in the evening having dinner with her roommate.

While we don’t yet have a picture of the couple together, we’re close.  If anyone has any more information on Judge and Chelsa or if you have a picture of him with a woman, send it our way.

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