Even in his monstrous rookie season of 2017, Aaron Judge dealt with a sore left shoulder that contributed to a two-month second half slide. 

In 2018, a late July chip fracture of the right wrist cost him 45 games and jeopardized the Yankees’ championship hopes.

He finished the year strong. 

And off the field his gratuity was immense. 

Check out this post below: 

What a nice guy, he tipped $100.00

And for those who think no big deal, he makes a ton. 

He actually doesn’t. 

Judge’s pre-arbitration deal for 2018 was worth $622,300. The Yankees slugger isn’t eligible for arbitration until after the 2019 season after making his MLB debut in August 2016. 

He’ll eventually get paid, and make tons of money, but not yet. 

His generosity on that tip has not gone unnoticed. 

Check out more of Aaron below: 

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