The Yankees took over the top spot in the American League East Wednesday, defeating the Red Sox 9-6 at Yankee Stadium.  

Aaron Judge had a three-hit game, his last hit a two-run home run. Judge, batting .308 this season, finished with three runs scored, three RBIs and a walk. He now has nine home runs and 27 RBIs this season. Could someone in the crowd have made him try extra hard last night? Our tipster tells us Judge’s ex girlfriend Jen Flaum was in attendance. If you recall, we broke the story the two had split up. Leading Judge to another woman he was seeing

 Aaron’s ex Jen Flaum was at his game last night looking excited to be there, and was also seen cheering like crazy for his home run according to our tipster 

Now our gossip army of Judge lovers are saying Jen Flaum may be back in the mix. You can see some pics of Aaron and Jen below.

They really do look like a nice couple. If Jen is going to games that can only mean one thing. They are either back dating, or she’s trying to get him back. We’ll just have to wait and see what develops. Remember if you see something   , say something.