One of our sources who fed us a lot of information about what turned out to be a fake story about Chelsa and Aaron Judge, including pictures from her Instagram Story, tried to explain themselves after the denial by Chelsa.  

In the “confession” they claim to be friends with Judge’s ex Jen Flaum’s friend Christina.  They also claim that Flaum herself was the one who was behind all of the bogus information.  The source definitely knows who was behind it.  In the email they do accurately point out some of the sources that we never released, but whether or not it’s Jen or her friend behind it is anyone’s guess.

We have our doubts.  When asked for proof of communications that show Jen was behind it, they refused to send it.  But you can read the email and come to your own conclusions:

We want to be 100% clear here, we never made up any of the details about this story, nor do we about any stories.  Someone went to great lengths, with several Instagram and email accounts, to put out the false information.

We attempted to reach out to Jen and were unable to get clarification.

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