Super sports couple Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick traveled to Africa for a good cause, although earlier reports had them traveling to India for the very same reason. 

The couple joined the Starkey Hearing Foundation for a mission Lusaka, Zambia. During the trip, Aaron and Danica helped fit children and adults with hearing aids and in total gave the giving the gift of hearing to over 100 people in need! 

“This is a beautiful thing, to be halfway across the world helping these people out. Just the look on their face means everything,” Aaron said of the trip. Danica added, “What an amazing organization, that has grown so fast! To hear the difference of where they’ve been just three years ago to now and just the hundreds of thousands of people who have been fitted, let alone affected, is such an impressive vision.”  

Check out more pics below, looks like mission accomplished for Danica and Aaron.