Via Packerswire:

“I think it’s the way we practice,” Rodgers said. “We do a number of periods where it’s a called period, where it’s an unscripted, move-the-ball type, where he’s calling the plays in and I have to get us lined up and the play given to the guys in the right manner and alignments and assignments and movement and motion. We’ve done a number of those periods. I think that’s the work that gives you confidence.”

His comfort level in the new offense is high, regardless of whether he plays against the Oakland Raiders on Thursday night or not.

“I feel very comfortable in the offense conceptually, philosophically, enunciating the plays, getting us in the right formation, getting the check within the play easily figured out. I feel very comfortable with it,” Rodgers said. “If we didn’t play, I’d feel great going into Week 1. If we did, I wouldn’t really be worried too much about the results.”

Expect another season without a playoff appearance in Green Bay.  All of this public pushback against his head coach will eventually cause problems, as it did during Mike McCarthy’s final season.  This is, of course, assuming Rodgers is able to stay healthy for the entire season.

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