Green Bay Packers superstar Quarterback Aaron Rodgers wore a Santa Monica Fire Department hat after the Green Bay Packers’ Nov. 11th win over the Miami Dolphins to show support for those impacted by the California fires.

Ten days later, the Packers quarterback announced he’s donating $1 million to help those in his home state.

Rodgers addressed reporters Nov. 11th while he wore a Santa Monica Fire Department hat, saying:

Rodgers, a native of Chico, California, has also partnered with State Farm for an additional donation of up to $1 million. 

State Farm will donate $1 for every retweet Rodgers’ announcement gets.

The Camp Fire has killed 81 people, making it the deadliest fire in California history. There were still 699 people missing as of Monday. The fire has destroyed nearly 13,000 residences and thousands more businesses and buildings.

As of Sunday, the Woolsey Fire of Southern California had killed three people and destroyed or damaged nearly 2,000 buildings.

This is pretty amazing of Rodgers.