Aaron Rodgers revealed in early December that he spent his birthday with his ‘Folks’,  a week after his “Bachelorette” star brother, Jordan, blasted him for allegedly not reaching out to their parents after the California wildfires.

This shocked the world. 

No one knew Rodgers had reconciled with his parents. 

Now it looks like the healing has possibly begun, but there are still some underlying issues with the once estranged family. 

Check out these comments below from Rodgers’ Dad Ed Rodgers. 

Was the whole ‘Folks’ comment misconstrued? 


At least Rodgers father has acknowledged that raising a son who turns out to become super famous is super difficult. 

Let’s hope Rodgers takes the off-sesaon to mend fences. 

Check out Aaron and his family in happier times. 

What a nice family, it’s a shame they can’t sort out their differences. 

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