Aaron Rodgers owns a home in San Diego, but he’s more about the bright lights of Los Angeles, as he’s been spending an increasing amount of time in Lala land. 

Since Aaron and Danica began dating, Aaron has been constantly on the go, and last night was no different. The Green Bay Packers QB was spotted at Comedy Club Flappers in Burbank. Rodgers was kind enough to pose with a first time comic, who was pretty thrilled to take a picture with the Packers main cheese. 

Ok…. cool cool cool. Today. March 1st. I did my first stand-up comedy show at @flapperscomedy And I’ve never had more fun in my life. And people laughed at what I had to share and the night was perfect. But then this happened. And I lost my SHIT. And it’s become the absolute best night of my fucking life and very few things can top it. Like maybe the day I get married (to him please?) or win an Oscar but I’m not sure.  

We did some digging, and it looks like this comedienne is a Broncos fan. Whatever happened to team loyalty? She probably had Rodgers on her fantasy team.