Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wants to get an extension signed, but is in no hurry to do so.  He has two years left on his current deal which average $22 million per season.

Don’t expect Rodgers to holdout.  He told the media his only focus is on preparing for the season, via ESPN:

“I think they’ve talked about it enough that there’s an expectation something would have been done,” Rodgers said. “Obviously judging by the questions here there’s kind of an expectation before we started. But I’m just trusting [agent] Dave [Dunn]. That’s why he’s representing me, he has my best interest in mind. They’re taking care of those conversations, and I’m focused on this team and being a leader.”

If you look at some of the insane money being tossed at quarterbacks, Rodgers is underpaid.  But when you’re raking in over $20 million a year it’s hard to complain.

A deal will get done before Rodgers hits the free agent market.  And if not, an all out bidding war would take place to land his services.  Either way, assuming he continues to play at a high level, Rodgers will be just fine.