The Green Bay Packers were eliminated from the playoffs this weekend when they lost to the division winning Chicago Bears.  Another lost season for Aaron Rodgers and time might be running out for the 35-year-old quarterback.

According to Pro Football Talk, nobody has more incomplete passes and bad plays than the Green Bay signalcaller.

We’ve noted before how Rodgers is throwing the ball away more than any other quarterback in the NFL, but there’s more to it than just that. Rodgers’ accuracy is hurting even when he isn’t trying to throw the ball away. In Sunday’s loss to the Bears, he twice missed open receivers for what should have been touchdown passes. He’s scattering the ball around the field in ways he hasn’t before, and the result is that Rodgers has thrown more incompletions than any other quarterback in the NFL.

Rodgers also avoids interceptions by taking sacks too often. In fact, if we add up every quarterback’s interceptions, incompletions, sacks and fumbles and compile them all into one stat we’ll call “bad plays,” Rodgers is actually the worst in the NFL.

Here are the quarterbacks ranked by the most bad plays in the 2018 season:
255 Aaron Rodgers
230 Case Keenum
223 Eli Manning
221 Jared Goff

You really don’t want to be on too many lists with Eli Manning at this stage in the Giants QB’s career.  Especially not one called bad plays. 

It sure looks like the decline of Aaron Rodgers is upon us.  

Maybe he should start setting his feet before he throws.  I know how fascinated Cris Collinsworth can be by that, but if you can’t hit wide open receivers anymore it might be on you.