The Green Bay Packers introduced their new coach to the loyal Packers fans. The New Coach, Matt LaFleur, got emotional when he thanked his wife, sons, parents and in-laws. He put his hand to his heart and said: 

For those unfamiliar with the Aaron Rodgers continuing drama, Aaron is currently estranged from his family. 

Aaron’s father Ed recently talked about how difficult is has been having a very famous son. 

Looks like they’re going to have to find other things to “bond” over because it’s not going to be sharing heartfelt stories of their parents and siblings. They also will not bond over being husbands and fathers since Aaron is not either of those.

In fact, at his age he is very rare in the NFL to not have a family by now. Especially among high profile QBs. 

Aaron is really in the minority in this regard. 

Well so far so good, it appears things are already bromantic between the two. 

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