Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is on a roll. We posted Rodgers ripping into his wide receivers, and now this. Rodgers said NFL owners shouldn’t be able to create new rules during the offseason, such as the national anthem protest guidelines that have since been put on hold, “without ratifying it through the players.”

On Wednesday, Kevin Clark of The Ringer provided comments from Rodgers about what he’d change if he replaced Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner for a day. Unresolved issues regarding the anthem would be near the top of the list:

“If you’re going to take the focus off of what the protest was really about—it was never about the anthem; it was never about the troops; it was about social equality and racial injustice—then make it all about the anthem. Everybody in the stadium stands and does the exact same thing. You have people in the concession, people in the bathroom; you’ve got cameramen on their knee watching. You can’t have it one way or another.”

Rodgers also found time to rant about the way contracts are handled. He’d prefer to eliminate the franchise tag, which allows teams to keep a player for an additional season when his contract runs out. 

“I would allow teams to go over the cap knowing if they do, since there’s not a hard cap, they are going to be faced with some luxury-tax issues and they’d change their strategy,” he said. “It’s not like we’re hurting—just like the NBA, we’re not hurting for revenue. We’re doing excellent in the NFL, and the NBA is doing fantastic as well.”

You can tell Rodgers has a lot on his mind. He’s trying to get that extension, and he probably is going to need a lot more help at WR. He’ll carry the Packers as far as he can, that’s why we play the game. I wonder if Danica is responsible for lighting a fire underneath his ass.