Via Pro Football Talk:

The veteran signal-caller at one point said that “too much is made” of the audible issue, “because there’s audibles in every play.” Of course, that would tend to justify making it a big issue, however.

Simms said he doesn’t see the fact that the issue emerged publicly as a negative, acknowledging however that a lot of people do. Rodgers then subtly and deftly shifted the focus from the question of whether the public nature of the disagreement is negative.

“There’s nothing negative about having a lot of experience,” Rodgers said. “With me, I will do things that other quarterbacks just can’t do or haven’t done.”

Not a big deal, Aaron?  That doesn’t sound like someone who doesn’t still have a problem with it.  This will absolutely come up this season.  You better believe that Rodgers will be calling his own plays, as he’s been doing in Green Bay for several years now.

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