Packers CEO Mark Murphy apparently had some good advice for Aaron Rodgers when it came to dealing with new head coach Matt LaFleur.

According to Bleacher Report Thursday, he reportedly told Rodgers “don’t be the problem” when it comes to the new head coach.

The same report indicated that Murphy reportedly told his superstar player that the team was behind LaFleur and that he was “tired of the diva stuff.”

Now that ‘Call’ is privately being disputed by the Packers. 

Rodgers will likely publicly dispute it next week, in connection with launch of offseason program

According to PFT:

The Packers specifically dispute the claim that Murphy told Rodgers “don’t be the problem” and generally dispute the notion that the call was anything other than positive. It’s believed that Rodgers will speak to reporters next week, in connection with the launch of the offseason workout program. It’s expected that Rodgers will echo publicly what the Packers believe privately.

Packers gossip is at an all time offseason high. 

I’d like to see if the Packers can put a decent team around Rodgers.

His career is in the 4th quarter and right now another Super Bowl appearance seems unlikely.

That’s the real story people should be talking about. 

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