That was the message from team president Mark Murphy on Monday, one day after he fired Mike McCarthy. 

“I think that those are decisions that will happen down the line and right now I’m just focused on these next four games and the direction we’re going with Joe,” Rodgers said. “I’m obviously an older player in the league, I still have a number of years on my contract, would love to still play to 40. I think there’s an interest in who the next guy will be, but Mark and Brian and I have always had good lines of communication. Their offices, like they say, are always open. I’ve had conversations with them like I’ve had with Ted over the years. I’m not needing to be involved in that process.”

Aaron Rodgers said he hopes he is not the reason Mike McCarthy was fired.

“I hope that’s not the reason,” Rodgers said. “I think him and I, like any relationship, we have our amazing times, we have our times where we butt heads. But the basis, like I said, was built on mutual respect and communication. We spent a lot of times here talking off the field, in my house, in his house. We spent time together and growing our friendship and we accomplished a lot together.”

Things in Green Bay are a mess. 

Of course you include Rodgers in the process of selecting a coach. That’s the most important position on the team. 

It’s crucial Rodgers gets along with the new coach.